Concrete mixer truck exhaust pipe dripping reasons

Concrete mixer full of concrete stirring station into the city from the site, vehicles and pedestrians within the city limits than more, traffic is also more complicated. Speed ​​should slow down any time the brake. Ensure road safety. Brake technology is one realm of good driving concrete mixer.


In the process of moving the concrete mixer or in the parking lot. dasion concrete mixer machine yjs series automatic cement mixer Often found in the exhaust pipe dripping phenomenon. Even have a ground water marks. What causes it? Automobile exhaust pipe dripping a lot how to do?


Professional maintenance staff, said exhaust pipe dripping concrete mixer is a good sign. Proof of fuel in the combustion engine has been fully, concrete mixers exhaust pipe which will drip out, in fact, this is a normal phenomenon. The reason why is because the exhaust pipe dripping relatively low ambient temperature, after complete combustion of gasoline are water and carbon dioxide, water vapor at high temperatures is water vapor in the exhaust pipe and muffler condensed results, but when the environment At higher temperatures, water vapor condensation had been discharged yet to go, when the ambient temperature is low, the water vapor will condense into water droplets in the exhaust pipe wall, and flows out along the exhaust pipe. Especially in winter, the external environment is relatively cold winter, air humidity, the car running, the engine temperature difference between inside and outside, are more prone to car exhaust pipe outward dripping phenomenon.

Concrete mixer of inspection and maintenance of automotive shock absorbers

Shock absorber failure or damage, will directly affect the cars driving stability and ride comfort, but also affect the life of car parts. Thus, the shock absorber inspection and maintenance is essential. When the vehicle on uneven roads 10-15 km, to feel sion howo 8 cubic meters concrete cement mixer truck hot selling the shell shock absorber, if it indicates that heat shock may be due to lack of oil or major parts damage, has lost damping effect should be removed or overhaul Replace with new parts.


If not normal continuous vibration occurs during driving a car, you should carefully check the shock absorbers for oil leaks, oil spills should be given if excluded. When the car were two maintenance, to check the working conditions of the shock absorber. Check method is: the lower end of the shock absorber is fixed to the vise, tension and compression several times by hand, there should be a normal shock absorber damping force, and should be greater than the resistance to stretching resistance when compressed. Without stable or no resistance, it may be short of oil or shock absorber parts damaged, repair or replacement parts.